The Layer-Cake Pattern of Scanning Content on the Web

From Nielson Norman Group: Summary: When headings and subheadings visually stand out on the page and are descriptive, users engage in an efficient scanning pattern that allows them to quickly find the information that they need. People don’t usually read every word on a webpage, in an app, or even in an article or text … Continue reading The Layer-Cake Pattern of Scanning Content on the Web

Stop Misusing Toggle Switches

From UX Movement There are times to use toggle switches and times not to. When designers misuse them, it leads to confused and frustrated users. If you want to know when you should use them, it’s important to understand the different types of toggle states and options. Contextual States Vs. System States It’s easy … Continue reading Stop Misusing Toggle Switches

Inspirational Websites Roundup #7

From Codrops: We are thrilled to share yet another inspirational websites roundup with you! This past month has been pretty exciting design-wise: beautiful storytelling combined with unexpected shapes and a welcomed comeback of sans-serif goodness; these were the main mottos in our website picks of the month. We hope you enjoy this fresh collection … Continue reading Inspirational Websites Roundup #7

A Guide to User Research Analysis

From UX Booth: When designers perform user interviews, field observations, or usability tests, they gather tons of notes and data to help inform design decisions and recommendations. But how do they make sense of so much qualitative data? Talking to customers is great, but most people walk away feeling overwhelmed by the sense of … Continue reading A Guide to User Research Analysis

UX Improvements For Keyboard Accessibility

From Smashing mag: How can we provide an accessible user experience for keyboard-only and assistive technology users without affecting the experience for any other users? We’ve kindly asked Aaron Pearlman, Principal UX Designer at Deque Systems, to share some practical tools and techniques to ensure that we’re all providing an inclusive and accessible experience … Continue reading UX Improvements For Keyboard Accessibility

Cognitive Maps, Mind Maps, and Concept Maps: Definitions

From Nielson Norman Group: Summary: Cognitive maps, concept maps, and mind maps are diagramming techniques that can be utilized throughout the UX process to visualize knowledge and surface relationships among concepts. Cognitive mapping, mind mapping, and concept mapping are three powerful visual-mapping strategies for organizing, communicating, and retaining knowledge. They help us lay out complex … Continue reading Cognitive Maps, Mind Maps, and Concept Maps: Definitions

Why Toggle Buttons Are Confusing

From UX Movement There’s no better way for changing states on an app than to use toggle buttons. A state change occurs at the press of a button. They save space by presenting two or more options in a single control. But when they’re confusing to use, they’re the worst. Inverted Vs. Direct Color … Continue reading Why Toggle Buttons Are Confusing

How to use Screening Questions to Select the Right Participants for User Research

From Nielson Norman Group: Summary: To recruit appropriate UX research participants, assess people’s characteristics without giving away the purpose of the study. Finding the right participants for a user-research study can be challenging, even if you have clearly defined your target audience . You can learn something from almost any user, but you’ll get more … Continue reading How to use Screening Questions to Select the Right Participants for User Research

Collective #532

From Codrops: Visualizing Risk: Remotely Triggered Earthquakes A really amazing project by Will Chase that he created for the VizRisk challenge. Read it Our Sponsor Be Theme: 450+ pre-built websites you can “steal” If you want gorgeous visuals AND smooth UX, Be Theme offers you 450+ pre-built websites that you can easily customize. You … Continue reading Collective #532