Finding clarity in complexity

From Shopify UX: Photo: Verne Ho, Burst Some specific techniques can help you design for technical users When most designers talk about user experience they’re talking about consumer products, but user experience also matters for professionals or technical users. These people are subject matter experts in their domain: engineers, software developers, or medical professionals. They’ve … Continue reading Finding clarity in complexity

The thing that’s missing from your MVP

From Shopify UX: If you think an MVP is about cutting features, you’re missing the point. Anyone who’s worked in software development in the last five years has probably heard the term MVP. A lot. And if you are responsible for the user experience, chances are you’re often frustrated by these three letters. Probably because … Continue reading The thing that’s missing from your MVP

Why assumptions are good for your content strategy

From Shopify UX: How to recognize assumptions and decide if they’re the right ones Hands up if you’ve ever relocated to a new city, country, or even continent. It’s super-exciting, but at times can be overwhelming, right? There’s so much to take on board. Last year I moved from a sleepy English village to the … Continue reading Why assumptions are good for your content strategy

Onboard once, share insights often

From Shopify UX: Building blocks photo by Sarah Pflug Delight your UX team with a design system contribution. Last year I thought about onboarding. A lot. That’s because I worked on onboarding flows for two Shopify apps, along with a half-dozen drafts of an empty state for our new marketing section. But when you have … Continue reading Onboard once, share insights often

A conversation with Facebook’s Julie Zhou

From Shopify UX: A conversation with Facebook’s Julie Zhou about managing teams and time Julie Zhou (left) and Lynsey Thornton. Julie Zhou, VP of Product Design at Facebook, sat down recently with our VP of UX, Lynsey Thornton, to talk about Julie’s new book, The Making of a Manager, and take questions from the Shopify … Continue reading A conversation with Facebook’s Julie Zhou

Opinions are dangerous

From Shopify UX: Illustration by Jessica Tam Here’s what you can do about them How many projects or features have you worked on where you had all the information you needed laid out right in front of you? Probably none. Which is why making great decisions with incomplete information is an essential part of solving problems and … Continue reading Opinions are dangerous