Effective Lifecycle Email Marketing in 2019 (Strategies + Examples)

From Noupe: https://www.noupe.com/business-online/effective-lifecycle-email-marketing-in-2019-strategies-examples.html Is your email marketing campaign effective? Even if you’ve had success with email marketing in the past, your strategy might no longer be effective in 2019. We all know that email is evolving. This year, there’s expected to be over 5.6 billion email accounts. That’s almost the entire human population on Earth.  … Continue reading Effective Lifecycle Email Marketing in 2019 (Strategies + Examples)

The biggest design mistakes you can do to your E-Commerce store

From Noupe: https://www.noupe.com/design/the-biggest-design-mistakes-you-can-do-to-your-e-commerce-store.html Do you remember the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” scene where Holly Golightly was standing in awe in front of Tiffany’s window? While Tiffany & Co., without a doubt, is an established and recognized brand, it still has to take care of its showcase decoration so the product display corresponds to the brand image. … Continue reading The biggest design mistakes you can do to your E-Commerce store

8 Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

From Noupe: https://www.noupe.com/business-online/8-blogging-mistakes-most-bloggers-make.html Have you ever read a post and were in awe of the writer’s skills, from the flow of their content to their beautiful use of imagery? Well, most of us have! I bet the question running through your mind right now is how did these blogging gurus come to be? Truth is, … Continue reading 8 Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

46 Form Design Best Practices

From Noupe: https://www.noupe.com/design/46-form-design-best-practices.html Have you filled out an online form recently? Chances are that the answer is yes. According to recent research, 84% of people fill out at least one web form per week.  But you may not have realized, because filling out web forms has become an almost integral part of the fabric of our … Continue reading 46 Form Design Best Practices