Tables and Beers

From 24a11y: It’s end of 2018, table markup has been with us since HTML 3.2 circa 1997. You (and I) would think that the representation of data table semantics in the accessibility tree, complete interoperability implementation in browsers, expert advice on marking up accessibly and mature feature functionality in Screen Readers, is a given… … Continue reading Tables and Beers

Prove You’re Not A Bot: reCAPTCHA version 3

From 24a11y: Google has finally solved the CAPTCHA’s ultimate puzzle: getting rid of the need for puzzles. Everyone, especially users with disabilities, can heave a huge sigh of relief. A CAPTCHA is a programmatic security layer used on e-commerce sites, forums, and personal account login pages to prevent automated bots from imposing themselves on … Continue reading Prove You’re Not A Bot: reCAPTCHA version 3

ARIA 1.1 – What’s New?

From 24a11y: This article assumes you are already familiar with Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA). If you want a refresher, my favorite introduction to ARIA is the Read Me First section of the ARIA Authoring Practices. And you can’t start using ARIA before you read the aptly named Using ARIA. ARIA consists of attributes … Continue reading ARIA 1.1 – What’s New?