Automate Your User Research with Qualaroo

From UX Movement

Every company knows how important user research is for designing great products. But the biggest problem that keeps them from doing user research is the lack of time. What if you could automate your user research with no effort?


With Qualaroo, you can get instant insight from using your own visitors. Qualaroo gives you the power to embed a nudge within your web or mobile app to gather user feedback. You can ask your users specific questions to find out things like:

  • How they found out about you
  • What the purpose of their visit is
  • What issues they have with your page
  • Why they didn’t purchase a product
  • Why they purchased a product
  • And more!

Gather insight to help you improve your user experience. Decide when you want to display the widget to get the best insight at just the right moment.


Survey on Exit
Get insight on why users abandoned their purchase by displaying the widget when they exit the page. This can help curb your shopping cart abandonment rate.

After Making a Purchase
Figure out what appealed to your users by surveying them after they make a purchase. This can help you focus your marketing on what matters most.

After Engagement
When users have scrolled down or spent a few minutes on a page, ask them what they’re hoping to find. You may have left out important information that’s preventing them from buying.

Target Returning and Logged-in Users
The best feedback you can get is from your power users who are most familiar with you. Target these users with questions to get insight from the group you’re most interested in.

Automate Your User Research with Qualaroo

Qualaroo allows you to automate your user research so you can spend more time designing products. Getting insight into the user experience doesn’t have to take so much time and effort anymore. All it takes is this small, simple, but powerful tool.

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