6 Rules for Persuasive Storytelling

From Nielson Norman Group: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/persuasive-storytelling/

Summary: Stories build empathy and make the user needs and pain points memorable to your team. Effective stories speak the language of the audience, are rooted in data, and take advantage of compelling artifacts.

Storytelling is how we share ideas and experiences. Having raw data is not enough to convince our teams and stakeholders of what needs to be done. A narrative makes a connection between our data and why other people should care about it.

In our work as UX professionals, we use stories to help create a shared vocabulary, focus the team on a common goal, and persuade stakeholders — ultimately leading to buy-in. UX stories are a communication tool that can be used in lieu of boring task check lists that are far removed from the user. They provide a natural, engaging way to share behavior, perspectives, and attitudes.

If you write tasks in a usability test , communicate insights from research, or sell design ideas, you’re already using stories in your process. In many business contexts, storytelling can feel uncomfortable, but this rich way of communicating can help set the stage for persuasion or a call to action, ultimately bettering the design at hand.

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