UX vs. CX — buzzword battle

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UX vs. CX — buzzword battle

You might be wondering what do CX and UX mean? There are a lot of buzzwords thrown around in the customer sphere. In this post we will focus on the most important ones relating to experiences – customer and user. Is one of these two disciplines more important? Which one wins the battle — which one is worth fighting for?

Buzzwords — are we just following the hype?
From EDI to Design Thinking: When it comes to topics of digitalization ranging from IT to Design, a whole host of technical terms fly around our ears. Too often these terms are said or heard again and again in different contexts. Usually we do not know the exact meaning. Current popular terms such as Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) appear again and again in different context mostly in the customer area. Both terms refer to the “experience”. In this case we consider the user or customer experience. These so-called experiences encompass the entire interaction of the user/customer with the company and its brand.

X — “the Experience”

Every company “sells” experiences. Regardless of whether you consciously create these experiences. As a company, you have customers with whom you interact in some way, for example, by offering products or services. This fact shows that your customers have experience with you and your brand.

It is up to you whether these experiences are positive or negative — whether your customers are disappointed or satisfied. In this context, every company should deal with the field of “Experience Design”. The basic idea of experience has its origins in psychology, design, computer science and business administration. The goals are the same, to create a positive experience and to strengthen the human relationship.

CX vs. UX — a comparison

Despite many similarities between CX and UX, both terms can’t be considered equally. Customer experience is primary about the experience, the interaction of the customer with the company. This “experienced process” is independent of possession of a product. The aim of CX is to control positive experiences in order to achieve long-term customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. The methods of a customer experience range from the analysis of all customer contact points to usage analyzes (for example Google Analytics). Many working methods from the areas of CX and overlap such as creating personas to develop a better understanding of user groups.

UX is primarily about the interaction of a user with a product, usability plays a major role in it. However, UX goes beyond the limits of usability, the user experience includes the process before and after using a product. Working methods such as prototyping are increasingly being used, from wireframes to mockups. A UX designer works iterative: observe, draw conclusions, develop, test and develop further.

Outlook: challenges and opportunities

What challenges are we facing right now? Although CX and UX are different and unique, they must work together for a company to have success. There are many opportunities to use the knowledge of UX to strengthen the customer experience. On the other side factors from the CX area can have some beneficial effects for User-Experience Designer. From my own personal experience as a UX Designer, CX causes me to think about experiences which are different for (paying) customers than for (anonymous) users.

Therefore, the aim must be to develop an integrated model, a comprehensive “experience management”. Both CX and UX must work together for a business to succeed. In the area of ​​user and customer relations you are constantly faced with new challenges. Customers today do no longer just want a service or support but an experience.

Stay tuned for more articles — and leave me a comment!

Note: Start to analyse your customer process. With a customer journey map you can go through the stages and timeline of your customers. Start with one scenario. And always stay connected with you customer, changes are fast!

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