What Is Design Thinking, Really? (What Practitioners Say)

From NN/g: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/design-thinking-practitioners-say

Summary: The majority of UX and design professionals define design thinking roughly the same, regardless of industry and experience, but there’s no agreement on the specifics.



For the past decade, design thinking has continued to gain popularity. There are countless courses, graphics, and articles on the topic all over the web (including our own article , video , and course .) As any trend, it can grow to have a life of its own.

Here at NN/g we embarked on a long-term research project to understand how design thinking affects the quality of the products produced and how practitioners incorporate design thinking in their design work. But, in order to estimate the impact of design thinking on our field, we need to first determine how UX and design professionals define design thinking .

Research Method

This research phase consisted of 71 in-person intercepts in Washington DC, San Francisco, Boston, and North Carolina and 16 remote interviews, over the phone and via video conferencing. These 87 participants represented a diverse range of countries, industries, roles, and experience.

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